POLOPLAST modern building solutions


POLOPLAST is a provider of plastic pipe systems, compounds and polymer engineering. The focus of activities lies in the range of plastic pipe systems for plumbing, sewage and water supply installations. Over the course of more than 55 years of corporate history, POLOPLAST has established itself as a leading European plastic pipes specialist.

Building Solutions . Installation Systems

The noise-insulated above-ground drainage pipe POLO-KAL NGwith its many possible applications, and the highly noise-insulated above-ground drainage pipe POLO-KAL 3Siusing the innovative 3-layer technology: Quality that speaks for superior living comfort – at a whisper!

The high-grade interior installation pipe systems POLO-POLYMUTAN, POLO -TERSIA, POLO-FIT and POLO-ECOSANguarantee the safe and flawless supply of the most precious of all foodstuffs: drinking water.

The pipe duct system POLO-RDS evolution evolution includes a wealth of clever details and ensures the simple, reliable and leak-proof wall ducting of cables and pipelines up to DN/OD 250.


Hand in hand with the novel connection technology, POLO-FIT provides an innovative overall solution, which meets all the requirements placed upon modern interior installation systems.

Advantages of POLO-FIT

  • Innovative 5-layer coextrusion process
  • Highly flexible due to the innovative material combination
  • New connection technology
  • 5-layer wall construction provides high thermal and mechanical load capacity reserves
  • Low restoring forces after the deformation of the pipe
  • Increased reliability due to special compounds in the supporting layers
  • Perfect layer adhesion due to connection using coextrusion process; no bonding agent or adhesive required
  • A layer in the pipe wall acts as light barrier und prevents the incidence of light, thereby reducing the formation of algae and biofilm
  • Due to the inner surface with Superfinish, the high hydraulic smoothness reduced the formation of deposits
  • High resistance to metal ions due to the special formula used for the material of the inner layer
  • Fully recyclable – solid plastic pipe without adhesive and without metal

Connection technology
The POLO-FIT system does not involve O-rings, therefore it is not necessary to calibrate and chamfer the pipe in order to protect these rings. This means that, despite the subsequent compression, the time required for the processing of POLO-FIT is similar to that of push-fit systems. Cut, push in, compress: finished.

Unlike traditional compression fittings, this innovative connection technology requires that the fitting is fully compressed to the pipe along the entire sleeve length of approx. 12 mm! This is safe and leak-proof.



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